In 1879, Dr. Edwin Eldridge had a vision — to bring a world-class Victorian-style park to Elmira so his patients could have a place to exercise. For decades afterward, Eldridge Park was regarded as the beauty spot of the Southern Tier for its colorful flower gardens, picturesque statues, and ponds brimming with local wildlife.

Then, in 1924, Bob Long brought the historical Looff carousel to Eldridge, and developed it into an amusement park. In its heyday, patrons could walk the midway and play carnival games, ride The Whip, or take a hair raising turn on the Speedway wooden roller coaster.

In 2006, the Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society restored the historic Eldridge Park carousel. Since then, the preservation society has worked tirelessly to add new attractions and keep the Eldridge tradition alive. What you see now, is a mix of old and new – a walking park, an amusement park, and a little spin of our own to make the experience unique and full of excitement. We invite you to come see it for yourself!

For more on the history of the park, visit the Remembering Eldridge Page.